Welcome to New England Financial

Since 1835, New England Financial has helped individuals and businesses in Michigan improve their long-term financial well-being. Our unified vision is: serving the client first, and always. We go beyond the idea of ‘sales’ and ‘products’ to build long-term, valuable relationships with our clients on the foundations of trust, integrity, and the highest degree of excellence.

Our commitment to providing personalized, world-class service to each client sets us apart from other professional services firms. We recognize the individuality of each client's situation and we are focused on becoming a lifetime financial resource for each and every client.

From our industry-leading product platforms and advisory services to our vast network of experienced professionals, institutional partners, and advanced market programs, New England Financial of Michigan has the resources and expertise to help you, your family, and your business achieve financial freedom.

New England Financial of Michigan was a proud participant and featured speaker of the Federal Reserve Bank's 2014 Money Smart Week